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Resources funded by the Friends to aid the work of the Pediatrics Physiotherapy team

The Friends of St Mary’s Hospital were happy to provide funds of £692.98 to the IOW NHS Trust’s Paediatric Physiotherapy team so they could purchase toys and extra resources for the children.

The resources will help the children be engaged in their therapy and will further facilitate the children’s gross motor skills and development in all their contexts.

Daizy McCulloch, Physiotherapy Apprentice was kind enough to comment;

“Thank you to friends of St Mary’s hospital for providing us with a brilliant selection of toys, soft play and mobility assessment equipment.

“In our role as physiotherapists we are always challenging the children to achieve their best, to have these toys and pieces of equipment we can encourage them whilst making it fun!

“We will use these toys daily during our therapy sessions and assessments, the selection is a lovely variety so we will have something for all ages”

Lesley Myland, Chairman of the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital stated as “We are always delighted to be given the opportunity to support the excellent work that the paediatric physiotherapy team do.“


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