The Friends Fund
How we donate to
Available to departments within the Isle of Wight NHS Trust

The Details

The Process

What do we do?

The Friends of St Mary’s Hospital aim to support and supplement the excellent 

service already given throughout the Isle of Wight NHS services. 

We do this through the financing of new equipment and facilities designed to 

enhance the wellbeing of patients and staff across the whole island. 

Complete and Submit The Friends Fund 

Application Form, available by emailing 

How are we funded?

A small, yet dedicated and enthusiastic, group of staff and volunteers run our shop just along corridor from main hospital reception and our cafes situated in the out-patients department (north hospital),  the Laidlaw Day Unit and at the Ryde Wellbeing Centre. 

In addition we run our trolley service, offering newspapers, confectionery and other items throughout the hospital wards. 

We receive many generous donations, whether it be in our collection boxes around the Island, one-off donations, regular donations or being remembered in a will. 

What can we provide?

All requests for funding are required to result in a benefit to patients and be an enhancement to the mandatory service. 

This can include: 

Patient Welfare and Amenities 

Medical equipment, furniture and aids, patient comforts and benefits above the standard/level required for operational purposes. 

Staff Amenities 

Facilities or equipment promoting wellbeing for staff. 

All Applications checked to ensure that they meet IW NHS Trust requirements

Applications considered by Friends of St Mary’s Hospital Trustees. 

Applicants notified of the outcome in regard to their application. 

Who can access the fund?

The Friends Fund can be accessed by any NHS department within the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, whether you are based in the hospital itself or offsite. 

So whether you are a GP surgery in Ventnor, a community team in Freshwater or a ward in the hospital, the Friends Fund is open to you. 

If you have any questions regarding The Friends Fund then please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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