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New wheelchairs to help support patients

Picture: left to right Far left is Nicola Bolan (Volunteer Service Administrator, Malcolm Cox (NHS Trust Volunteer), Anne Simmons, Chairman of Directors Friends of St Mary’s Shop, Jemma Hogan, Volunteer Service & Main Reception Co-ordinator

The Friends of St Mary’s Hospital provided £3636 to the IOW NHS Trust’s Patient Experience team so they could purchase six Agile Transit Wheelchairs.

The wheelchairs will be used by the hospital volunteers at both the main and north reception desk, supporting visitors to the Trust who may have mobility problems. Having wheelchairs assigned to the volunteer service, with appropriately trained volunteers and reception staff, will enable the team to provide this valuable service during core hours to help patients get to their appointments on time.

Jemma Hogan, Volunteer Service & Main Reception Co-ordinator said: “We are immensely grateful to the Friends of St Mary’s for providing the money to buy these six new wheelchairs.

“The benefits are already making a positive impact on the patients as volunteers and staff spend less time looking for wheelchairs when it’s busy. The wheelchairs have helped us support patients to arrive promptly to their appointments, offering them a more positive experience during their visit.”

The Trustees of the Friends said: “When considering the application requests we felt that this one was a must do! Extra wheelchairs and trained staff to help patients and their families arrive at their appointments without the upset and added stress, which can sometimes be caused by a lack of available wheelchairs, is a fantastic benefit.”


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