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Friends of St Mary’s enable donation of key rapid response equipment

In the latest round of the Friends Fund Applications, the Trustees of the Friends of St Mary’s were delighted to agree funding of £1,295 for a small but incredible piece of equipment, known as an EMMA device, to add to the rapid response kit that is held by the on-call ODP team.

The money to fund the device was raised by Jussna Mateen, a Biomedical Scientist, who sold her fabulous homemade curries to friends and colleagues in Pathology.

Alexander Paul, Senior Resuscitation Officer/RODP, said: “The EMMA device is a pocket size portable capnograph which measures the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled in a patient’s breath.

“This small device enables resuscitation and critical care teams to provide the highest standard of advanced life support when patient collapses in any environment where they are not already attached to high tech monitoring systems.

“This fantastic and generous donation from the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital is so valuable and has already made a difference to patients and teams in its first two weeks of being used.”

Lesley Myland, Chair of Trustees of Friends of St Mary’s Hospital, said: “It’s great for Jussna to see how the money raised by her friends and family has been used. She raised an incredible £1200 this year to add to the £1040 that she raised last year, which contributed to resources for Adult Speech and Language team.

“Thank you Jussna and family, your support to the Friends and then therefore St Mary’s is very much appreciated.”

Photo left to right

Lesley Myland - Chair of Trustees, Friends of St Mary’s Hospital, Jussna Mateen - Biomedical Scientist, Alex Paul - Snr Resuscitation Officer, Dawn Hall – ODP, Beth William-ODP, Dan Woodford Apprentice ODP & John Dunkinson – ODP

Photo left to right

Lisa Brodie, Friends of St Mary’s shop manager, Jussna Mateen and Kerry Deacon from the Pathology Department, Lesley Myland, Chairman of the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital Charity and Kauser Mateen from the Eastern Eye Indian Cuisine restaurant in Sandown


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