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Friends Fund 3 Comfy Chairs to Wellow Unit

In the 2021 round of the Friends Fund Applications, 2 chairs were agreed to be funded to add to a chair that had already been donated. The Friends were delighted to be able to help improve the wonderful care that is being given to relatives and loved ones of the patients on Wellow Unit.

The Ward Sister explained how these chairs are a wonderful improvement on the ward.

“The Wellow Unit is a small 6 bedded unit within St Marys hospital caring for patients in their last days of life. All of our rooms are single rooms and we are able to provide care in a calm and peaceful setting. The 3 chairs funded by the Friends are invaluable in providing comfort for the relatives and loved ones of our patients, many of whom are sat for long periods of time. Some relatives even use the chairs to sleep in and they are quite comfy when reclined. We are so thankful to the Friends of St Marys in supplying these chairs from their charitable funds.”


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