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Friends fund Toys and Therapy Aids

Michael Preece with some of the toys and therapy aids.

Equipment to help children of all ages to engage in therapy has been purchased by the Friends for the Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service, which runs clinics at the hospital and visits children in homes or schools. Occupational Therapist Michael Preece (pictured with some of the equipment) explained that while they were able to provide an Island-wide service,the resources had been dated and of limited variety.The children helped may have conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy, Downs Syndrome or developmental delays.For example, we do assessments with cutlery and pencils, but access is limited if another therapist has taken them out on a visit. Also, we are not able to recommend equipment we have not already trialed.£911 donated by the Friends, really helped to engage with young people,allowing the service to be more flexible and creative. For instance, they were able to purchase Playdoh and paints, and occasionally run cooking sessions. Kids want to play, so there is no point in running sessions which are basically boring. And while making them fun the children gain in confidence, and improve their learning and basic skills.The right equipment makes a massive difference.

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