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Friends fund: £4,029 for 28 Sphygmomanometers..blood pressure measuring the traditional way.

Sister Jones demonstrates the manual blood pressure equipment with Health Care Assistant Beverley Gerard.

Across the extensive hospital site there are now numerous sphygmomanometers. For the uninitiated, this is not some kind of unwelcome infestation; far from it. But items of equipment for measuring blood pressure (but just try pronouncing that word!) Although such manual blood pressure monitoring was replaced some years ago by electronic equipment, Shane Moody, Clinical Director for End of Life Care, said it was recognised there was still a requirement for it. “Purchasing this equipment will enable us to train personnel on its use, which includes listening to specific patterns in pulse, not picked up by an electronic device. As a result, staff will be able to react more quickly when irregularities are detected — hence enhancing care.” The Friends found £4,029 to pay for 28 such sphygmomanometers, for distribution to the many wards and relevant departments in the hospital. Samantha Jones, Interim Ward Sister of the Mottistone Suite, which received two of them, said “It’s a reliable and traditional way of nursing. Very useful.”

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