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Sophisticated equipment giving confidence to patients and staff in the MRI department was praised by its Superintendent Radiographer, Alistair Day. The Tesla Duo MR8100, bought by the Friends for £5,701, replaced the current monitor dating from 1997. Alistair explained that unlike the old one, this monitor was entirely wireless, and designed to monitor patients in the MRI scanner. While the patient is alone in the room during the scanning it continuously measures his or her oxygen saturation and pulse as well as non-invasive blood pressure. “We get all sorts of patients, from adults who are seriously ill to children who are sedated,” he said. “A sensor is attached to a patient’s finger undergoing diagnostic imaging; the results are constantly trans-mitted by radio to the monitor outside the room, away from the magnetic field. “This completely portable wireless system is so much better than the old one, with its trailing wires. It provides reassurance and confidence to both patients and staff, and is far less intrusive. It also increases the safety of patients undergoing a scan. “A lovely bit of kit—really nice, and we are so grateful to the Friends for agreeing to our request.” Alistair Day holds the Tesla Duo, as Friends volunteer Christine Fry gamely has a finger connected to the sensor.

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