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Friends help speech and language therapy unit.

With items bought by the Friends is Becca Burr and Steve Solley, chairman of the charity’s shop and café, whose profits contribute to the Friends aim to support and supplement the excellent service already given throughout the Isle of Wight NHS services by financing of new equipment that enhances the mandatory service. The Friends have spent £1,000 on tools, books and equipment to help children overcome communication problems. This contribution made by the charity to the hospital’s speech and language therapy department is intended to further enhance the delivery and understanding of the service. These particular items would be used by staff and parents to assist youngsters from infancy to 19 years “We are always grateful to the Friends for supporting us with resources and training packages,” said chief speech and language therapist Becca Burr. “It enables us to ensure our service is both high quality and effective.” It was estimated that one in four children in every class-room had a communication difficulty that could be pre-vented. “We believe children and young people have a right to have their voices heard, and be able to contribute to school and family life.”

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