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The Friends…… they run the shop, don’t they?

The Friends…… they run the shop, don’t they?

Well! we do so much more than that.

Want to get involved.... Why not consider volunteering to become a Trustee of the Charity, Director of the Company or to help us in the shop and/or ward trolley round.

We warmly welcome applications from those who are new to being a Trustee or a Director, as well as individuals who have a proven track record in governance, management roles.

Volunteers to work in the shop and/or interested in operating the trolley around the wards are very welcome to find out more.

The Charity has an elected Board of Trustees working together with the Isle of Wight NHS Trust. The Board of Directors of the Company oversee the retail side of the Charity, being at this time, the shop and the ward trolley service.

The Charity’s objects are to support and supplement the services offered by the Isle of Wight NHS Trust through St Mary’s Hospital, Isle of Wight and/or by NHS Community Services on the Isle of Wight. The Objects shall be achieved for the benefit of patients and staff through the funding of new equipment and facilities above the standard/level required to be provided by the NHS.

Please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact for more details Lesley Myland, Chairman – - Trustee contact

Anne Simmons, Chairman – – Director contact – Retail Manager (shop volunteer contact)


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