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The Friends fund £917.00 for Various Toys and Resources to Children’s Physiotherapy.

The resources and toys that were identified in the application to the Friends Fund will support the Childrens Physiotherapy Service to continue to provide a high quality and effective service. The resources mean that the children will be engaged in their therapy as well as being able to demonstrate specific patterns of movement through play.


It was wonderful that David Lemonius was able to join us for the photo and to see the toys and resources that The Tractor Run in December 2022 was able to help fund. The Tractor run was great fun and as always and was a great success with 72 entries from a tiny little grey Fergie up to the 300hp+ behemoths of today!  £850.00 was donated to the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital from the event, which was amazing.



Daizy McCulloch (Physiotherapy Apprentice) sent us a note of thanks:

 “Thank you for all the donations towards the new toys! These will really help with all areas of our job, from initial assessments with newborns to more complicated upper limb work with the older children. We appreciate all the help to fund these toys as making sure the children are interested, engaged, and having fun is a fundamental part of our role in physiotherapy”.  




Pictured, going left to right there is:

David Lemonius (Tractor Run organiser) Emma Hunt, Daizy McCulloch, Cheryl Berry, Zoe Edwards, Jill Hollis and Miriam Egbule. (Members of the Childrens Physiotherapy team) Lesley Myland (Chairman of the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital)




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