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The Friends fund £385 for various activities –Memory Service (Cognitive Stimulation Therapy groups)

The team within the Memory service, are a small team to ensure the delivery of an evidenced based group treatment; Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) for people diagnosed with mild to moderate dementia.


The following thank you letter was received from the team:


To The Friends of St Marys


On behalf of the Memory Service Cognitive Stimulation Therapy groups, I would just like to say a very big THANK YOU to the Friends of St Marys for the funding which has allowed us to purchase an array of activities which have been so well received by our current CST groups.

Each week the CST sessions have a different theme and so each of the items which we have received from the Friends Fund has given us much more choice to offer the clients who attend the course. This enhances their wellbeing making their experience more enjoyable and interesting as we engage them in their treatment with us.

Some of the lovely activities we have been able to purchase from the Friends Fund is Maxi-Memory Places of the world which are beautifully illustrated picture cards, which we use in session 6 ‘Around the World, Holidays.  These can be used as Reminiscence as well as a picture card memory game as are provided in pairs.

We also have purchased some puzzles which have been a lovely addition to our puzzle collection which we use in session 4 ‘Colours and shapes’.  

We now have a Dog and also Bird Bingo set which is also beautifully illustrated, and is a great addition to session 7 ‘Animals and Birds’

The mini -Vintage style tabletop Bagatelle is a fun activity which we can use in Session 10 ‘Games and past-times and also in session 13 ‘Using Numbers’.

In addition, the various games which include the Bendomino’s and ‘WHOT Cards’ and Spot the Difference/Wordsearch puzzle books are utilised on a weekly basis as well as the song and poetry books which always brings back memories and are a lovely way to end the CST sessions.

Many Thanks again for all the activities which The Friends Fund have purchased for the Cognitive Stimulation Therapy groups, as they are all very much valued and appreciated resource for our current as well as future CST groups.

Kathy St John

Community Psychiatric Nurse, CST Lead

The Memory Service


Pictured  left to right: Emily Barham and Lily Arthur (Memory Service team) Andrea Edgson (Friends of St Mary’s Hospital Trustee) and Kathy St John (Memory Service Community Psychiatric Nurse, CST Lead)


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