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Ambulance Crews Benefit from the Friends ‘Realism’ Grant

The trustees of the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital experienced first-hand how their grant of £29,820 has transformed the way ambulance personnel receive highly realistic training at the newly built ambulance station on the island.

Thanks to the charity, the Isle of Wight Ambulance service has purchased immersive interactive technology; using projected film and appropriate sound to create a variety of emergency situations encountered by ambulance crews.

With a press of a button, paramedics can be treating someone at the side of a carriageway. Or the entire room can be transformed into the back of ambulance, where patient care is fine-tuned on the way to hospital.

Thanking the Friends for the grant at the on-site demonstration, Jason Hall, Trainee Specialist Paramedic - Critical Care told the trustees: “Ambulance personnel are at times required to work in highly stressful, emotive, and chaotic situations. While there are weekly training sessions in the classroom, they provide little realism to what is experienced on a shift.

“It has been well documented, however, that immersive interactive technology makes it possible to bring the complex hazards of the workplace into a safe training environment.”

The facility enables crews to become familiar with treating patients in complex situations- helping to maintain their own emotional resilience when exposed to difficult and stressful situations – but, most importantly, improving patient care.

Victoria White, Director of Operations for the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service said: “We are incredibly grateful to the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital for this generous donation. It will bring so many benefits to our teams and, as a result, to the people of the island.”

Pictures: Trustees of Friends of St Mary's Hospital, Dr John Pike - narrated the demonstration and then stepped into his ED consultant role for the last segment in the demonstration (ED handover). Jason Hall - critical care paramedic, Matt Colson - critical care paramedic, Trevor Perkins - nightclub security then Emergency Care Assistance (when the ambulance arrived). Helena Ball - Acting as Patient early on in demonstration.


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