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Changes at the Friends

You may have read in the various Island press outlets, either on line or in the papers, the articles about the Friends’ foyer cafe moving to another location within the new outpatients department in the North Hospital.

Naturally we are sad about this - we have been serving our customers in the foyer for 32 years. However, our amazing team of volunteers and staff has a very positive approach to this development. We are working hard together to ensure that the Friends’ charity will keep on functioning to support the patients and staff at St Mary’s.

Progress and change can be daunting but we plan to keep our amazing team together as far as we can. We will have a bigger shop and will still be running three cafes. Ward trolley services will still go round daily, sometimes twice daily. So there is still lots to do and we will do our best to maintain our reputation for a caring attitude and good service.

Thank you for your continued support of the Friends, it is very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Lesley Myland

Chairman of Trustees

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