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Friends Tune into Sunshine Radio Request

Sunshine Radio has now replaced an outdated studio, thanks to help from the Friends. The radio station, which occupies premises in the south block, broadcasts music and items of interest to wards on the St Mary’s site. It also reaches the world through the internet. “Previously our Studio B occupied a cramped room with equipment dating back to 1984,” said Programme Controller Dan Best (pictured). “Now, with the help of a £5,000 contribution from the Friends, we have a larger Studio B with a whole range of modern equipment—new mixing desk, split level screen monitors, computer tower and CD player.” As a result it holds its own with facilities found in nearby Studio A.. He said as well as direct requests for music the station has a team going around the wards for requests. “We sometimes have as many as 30 requests.” Sunshine Radio believes the daily service is an important element in patients' recovery process, as well as bringing comfort to relatives. The station broadcasts daily, with requests going out between 12 noon and 2 pm on Thursdays and 3 pm and 4 pm on Mondays. Contact can be made by phoning 534457 or through the web site:, email

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