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Fire-fighting training has become digital - Thanks to the Friends

Training of St Mary’s staff to fight fires has now embraced the digital age, with an on-screen system claimed to be superior to the traditional approach of just pointing an extinguisher at a real fire. Purchased by the Friends at a cost of £7,075, the system enables the user to aim a laser-driven extinguisher on dynamically varying LED flames. Martin Keightley, Deputy Head of Health Safety and Security, explained, “The enhancement of staff extinguisher training demonstrates to them just how a fire can spread if not dealt with in the early stages.” Martin (left) is also a Friends trustee, and is pictured with David Bower, who as well as being a Back Care Technician is a former RAF fire-fighter; he is now using the equipment to train the thousands of NHS staff on the Island. “The ‘fire’ has four strength settings and members of each group being trained can get quite competitive in seeing how effective they are in putting out a fire, ensuring it does not flare up again,” he said.

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