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Large Grant to Relieve Chronic Pain

The Friends have dug deep into their funds to purchase equipment that manages patients’ chronic pain, so massively improving their quality of life.

Costing £16,950, the equipment, based in the Day Surgical Unit, provides a radio fre-quency pulse that works in conjunction with injections,. If not treated, chronic pain can have a negative impact on patients’ personal relationships, work productivity and daily routine. The equipment also reduces the number of hospital appointments. Theatre practitioner Paul Newnham said, “We are very grateful to the Friends, and the patients are too. “Around six or seven patients a week make use of the equipment, generally coming in for the day. It is certainly a lot better than the equipment we had been using for the past 12 years.” Fellow theatre practitioner, Nick Scott-Denness, said, “Long term pain relief can make so much difference to people’s lives .”

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