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Chale Show review.

Chale Show and Team “NHS Sunshine Friends” The Friends Trustees and volunteers spent a very enjoyable weekend at the Chale Show in the company of Sunshine Radio and the Trust Membership team. Sunshine Radio played some great music to keep us jigging all day and they very kindly played requests for the team whilst the Membership team did a sterling job in signing up 43 new members to the Trust; we all agreed that it was lovely to hear so many positive comments from the public about their hospital experience. The Friends Trustees and volunteers gave out information leaflets and “free badges” to all that took the time to stop and talk and it was great to hear that so many people had heard about us, it was also nice to let them know that we do a lot more in supporting the hospital than just selling coffee, however, we did let them know that by buying that cup of coffee or putting their spare pennies in our collection boxes are helping us to achieve our aims. It was a great two days, thank you Trust colleagues and Sunshine Radio for your companionship, help and laughs.

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