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Friends need you help.

Friends of St Mary’s Hospital

Collection Boxes

Collecting boxes are amongst the most effective and efficient forms of fundraising and also raise awareness (we can claim Gift Aid on the contents of all collection boxes up to £5000).

Did you know that, as a country, we have approx. £345 million in loose change in our homes, down the back of our sofas and in our cars?

Every penny counts……

Is there a space in your home or business for one of our collecting boxes?

Our volunteers will deliver them to you, and then it's up to your colleagues, clients or customers to pop their spare change in.

Once it's full, just call and we'll replace it with an empty one. You'll be amazed how quickly it all adds up!

If the answer is yes then please do get in touch with Debs or Alex at Friends office. (01983) 534405. or

Thank you!

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