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Friends donate portable Gantry Hoist

Patients can be hoisted in and out of wheelchairs with the minimum of distress, while maintaining their dignity, thanks to the Occupational Therapy Department getting a portable free-standing gantry hoist, at a cost to the Friends of £2,384. “This is so much better than what we have had up to now,” said Occupational Therapist Nick Sewell, pictured demonstrating the new equipment with the help of Friends’ volunteer Samantha Taylor. “It is in regular use.” Among the uses is at special sitting clinics, where a chair is tailored to the patient’s posture. Although Occupational Therapy did once have a similar piece of equipment, it was on loan from the hospital’s Community Equipment Store; but they needed it back. The new hoist, which is operat-ed by rechargeable battery, has easily accessible controls. It is used by both occupational therapists and physiotherapists. “We are very grateful to the Friends,” added Nick.

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