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Path Lab Staff say Thank you with Delicious Cakes

Staff, including Tracy Fuller (right) and three Friends’ volunteers, gather around some of the 36 seats provided by the charity.

Staff of the hospital’s Pathology Department indulged in their own Bake Off exercise to thank the Friends for now being able to relax in brand-new chairs in their rest room. So grateful were they for the new seating, costing £9,533, that they invited members of the charity to join them for a mid-morning reception, complete with a table covered in cakes that they had made at their homes. The bid to the Friends for 30 armchairs and six dining chairs – all of a type approved by the hospital - had been made by Tracy Fuller, a Secretary at the department, and Biological Scientist Tina Drury. “The old chairs dated from 1991 and were so ripped and torn that stuffing was falling out of them,” said Tracy. “The fire emergency staff said we could not use them any more – and con-demned them. We faced sitting cross-legged on the floor!” She explained that the pathology staff could not go elsewhere for food and drink, as they needed to be readily available. “Now they can return from a break. much more relaxed.” Thanking the Friends, Lead Pathologist, Dr Andres Kulla, said the excellent staff tested for a range of medical conditions, from diabetes to cancer. “The Friends have been supporting the hospital for years and years, and this further proves just what good friends they are.” Friends’ chairman, Lesley Myland, said the Friends regarded it as important that both staff and patients are supported by the charity. “And we are pleased to be able to help you.”

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