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Masonic Lodge donate to keep bubble tube bubbling.

St Boniface Masonic Lodge have very kindly donated to the Friends Fund to pay for 2nd year of distilled water for the Bubble Tube in the Children's Outpatients Department. Emily from the department said that the tube is a wonderful feature and keeps the children and the adults amused whilst waiting for appointments. As it is visable from the checking in desk it must be a delight to the nurses as well.

Emily Parkinson receives a cheque from Jim Williams of the St Boniface Masonic Lodge.

The Lodge have very kindly donated to the Friends fund to pay for the 2nd year of distilled water needed for the bubble tube to keep bubbling for children and adults delight whilst waiting for appointments in the Children's Outpatients Department.The 25 litres of distilled water has to be changed every 3 months to keep up with infection control. Thank you to all at the Lodge your donation is very much appreciated.

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