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Legacies are a touching way to discover someone has remembered us.

Working in a caring environment is nothing new for Christine Fry. That is why it seemed quite natural for her to turn to the Friends when it came to thinking of becoming a volunteer for a worth-while organisation in her retirement.“I came to the hospital with my husband and thought the Friends would be just the right out-let for me,” she said. “I work in the Foyer shop every Tuesday afternoon, and I love it.”Before moving to Shorwell she had worked for the NHS for around 40 years, first in pay-role at London’s Guys Hospital and then at an adult learning disability nursing home at Black-Heath

While profits from the retail side of the business, plus donations, are most welcome, the fact is the Friends finances are significantly boosted by generous legacies. It is always touching to discover someone has remembered the Friends in their will because they had come to appreciate the breadth of the charity’s service to the local NHS. Whether it be through the cafes and shops, the trolley service to the wards, lending a sympathetic ear to people in distress, or grants for equipment and other facilities — it all adds up to a long-established charity with a worthy ethos.

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