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Wall-Mounted Machines Give Vital Data

All the isolation side rooms in the Medical Assessment Unit now have wall-mounted vital signs machines, thanks to the Friends.

Although such machines were in four single-bed rooms, they were absent from the four two-bed rooms. Now, however, as a result of a £3,624 grant from the Friends, all the beds in the double rooms also have their own machines on the wall.

“We are definitely very grateful to the Friends,” said unit sister Jessy Gulati.

She explained the machines monitor patients’ blood pressure and oxygen levels, through a probe on a finger. Such checks could be made four times a day, by simply pressing a button. The readings are then put on patients’ files.

“By now having each bed with its own machine there is no longer any need to carry a machine to different beds. This minimises the risk of spreading infections and accidents.”

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