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The Friends of St Mary’s Hospital funded £2982 for LED sky ceiling lights on Children’s Ward.

The Trustees of the Friends were delighted to agree the funding for this application upon reading how the LED lights would be a benefit to the children who have to visit the ward for treatment…

The room is used for distressing procedures that is undertaken on children's ward. The ceiling tiles will offer the children some distraction and reduce the distress of the procedure. This then in turn will reduce the number of children needing to come in multiple times for a blood test that they have found too distressing and refused before. Children also receive chemotherapy in this area, which can often require them to stay still for a lengthy period of time. Having the tiles will distract them and amuse them during this time, making the experience a positive one and then, hopefully, they will not mind for the duration of the treatment plan. The resuscitation room is also used for the sickest children on the unit, often before they are transferred to Southampton. It is vital that this experience is as calm as possible, creating the most therapeutic environment for the child that it can be. It is felt that the LED tiles will enable the children’s ward to provide a much more child friendly, interactive, calming environment that Is conducive to a positive outcome for the child.

Dionne Davies, Play Specialist Children's Ward let us know….

"The LED sky ceiling lights in our resus room have been a big hit with the children on the ward!

We often use that room for blood tests and other procedures that may be a challenge - and to walk into a very clinical room can increase anxiety before we even begin.

Having the lights, designed by Greg Stobbs of Squirlart, makes the room more child friendly and welcoming - giving the children something to look at which helps with distraction and coping with a procedure.

We are so grateful to the Friends of St. Mary's Hospital for providing us with such an amazing addition to the ward that enhances the care of the children we see. A huge thank you from us all!"

Pictured: Tricia Smith (Friends Trustee) Dionne Davies (Play Specialist, Children‘s Ward) Lesley Myland (Friends Chairman) Liz Falconbridge (Friends Shop Volunteer)


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