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NHS patients who have been dis-charged from hospital to then undergo ‘half-way house’ rehabilitation can use electric recline and rise chairs to enable them to sit and stand with ease. The Friends purchased three such recliners, one each for The Gouldings in Freshwater, Adelaide Place in Ryde and Hazel Lodge at Northbrook in Havenstreet. Described in the application from the Community Rehab Service to be ‘immensely valuable in im-proving patient comfort, symptom control and mobility’, the recliners formed part of a successful £3,079 bid; this also included diagnosis awareness material, a guide book to help friends/relatives to communicate with stroke victims, and garden furniture at The Gouldings—to ‘improve patient well-being and experience’. At Hazel Lodge the Head of Care, Sandi Gibbs, said they had seven NHS beds. One of the patients making use of the recliner was 82 year old Phyllis Trimmer, who said, “It took a bit of getting used to, but I now find it easy to get up. I shall soon be going back to my Bembridge home.” Sandi said . “Since our recliner was delivered a number of the NHS patients have made use of it, and a think a few of them said they would like something similar at their home.”

Phyllis Trimmer

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